Who We Are

Who we are

about lacuna

Lacuna [luh-koo-nuh] is by definition a space, gap, or hiatus.  Think community space by day, botanical elixir lounge by night.  

We pride ourselves on the quality of our products as much as our conversation.  All of our botanicals are responsibly sourced, all-natural, earth and body friendly.  

Our kavatenders “vibe shamans” because we cherish the opportunity to create an alcohol-free, conscious community space for you to connect.

Whether it’s an elixir designed with a specific purpose in mind, or the music on our playlist chosen to set the mood, we are intentional about “Raising the Vibe!”

Thanks to you

our accomplishments

Thanks to each and every free-thinker who has contributed to us since we opened in 2018.  We appreciate and honor each of you who are now living healthier lives and making intentional choices with how your nourish your mind and body.  We owe the following successes to you!



With a 5-star review on Google, Yelp, and Trip Advisor!


vip regulars

Our customers love this place, and we love them back with VIP rewards!



The largest selection of botanical wellness solutions in the kava bar industry!



The 1st kava bar in Arizona has expanded to Phoenix and Sedona locations!


Powerhouse business builder and culture creator Chase Brendle continues to bring you trendsetting wellness in a community-based and industry-leading hospitality model. Chase got his start as a founder of Club One CrossFit, developing strategies that blend the creation of culture and community.  He has since expanded the concept that social interaction and health can be one and the same by bringing traditional plant-based wellness into a modern cafe/lounge environment..

“At Lacuna, our goal is to bridge the gap between the “matrix” and the “medicine” by introducing people to both new products & a new way of thinking.  The funny thing is that it’s not new at all.  Our ancestors have used these botanicals for both wellness and communal ceremony since the dawn of time.” – Chase Brendle

Recognizing the trending paradigm shift toward natural wellness, Chase founded Arizona’s 1st Kava Bar.  Lacuna has since expanded to Sedona, AZ, and continuing to pave the way with a new & unmatched Botanical Elixir menu!

Arizona’s 1st Kava Bar

Lacuna in the news

1st we brought you Kava Mocktails, then we set the standard with Botanical Elixirs, the rest is history!

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Your alcohol-free space for trendsetting, plant-based wellness beverages. Try a Botanical Elixir, Kava Mocktail, Kratom Infusion, coffee, or CBD Wine!



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