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TOP 5 Reasons Alcohol Consumption is Losing its Appeal

Yes, you read the title correctly. Could it be true that alcohol is no longer “trending?”
(Well… alcohol’s PR machine hasn’t gone into retirement just YET, as it’s still a widely consumed substance around the world.)

HOWEVER, paradigms are shifting, tides are turning, and as a result… decreased numbers in consumption and interest in the alcohol are being recognized. AND HERE are a few possible reasons why:

  1. Health concerns:
    Many people are becoming far more aware of the negative effects alcohol has on their overall physical and mental health… thus leading to a reduced consumption, or the choosing of alcohol-abstinence altogether.
  2. Legal and social consequences:
    The consequences of driving under the influence of alcohol and/ or engaging in various other risky behaviors while intoxicated, can be severe… thus deterring some of those unlucky chuggers from sippin’ the sauce.


  3. Increased awareness of alternative options:
    (Can we all just give a, “HELL YEAH” shout out for Lacuna real quick?”) – Thank you… carry on. 😉👌🏼                             There are now an ever increasing presence of non-alcoholic options available on the shelves for those who want to socialize or celebrate without all the above implicated consequences.
  4. Changes in cultural norms:
    More recently we are seeing some societal shifting in cultural norms around the consumption of alcohol… adversely, leading to a decrease in its popularity across the board.


  5. Personal preference:
    Alas… Some humans have actually been ahead of the curve by choosing not to drink alcohol for their own personal/ religious reasons, or simply because they just prefer the taste of non-alcoholic beverages. (Such as Kava, Kratom, or the many other delicious botanical elixirs served at our local favorite, Lacuna Kava Bar.) 😉

So… whichever reason resonates most for you in your sober-curious journey (or quick alcoholic detour) we’ve got the beverage answers for you!

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