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What is kava? This heartwarming tea comes from the root of the Polynesian shrub, Piper Methysticum (meaning enchanting pepper). Known as “kava kava” this traditional plant medicine has been used by native tribes for nearly 3000 years to achieve a “higher level of consciousness” or gather as a community. Kava is rapidly replacing traditional social beverages as a healthier alternative. We are proud to be the 1st kava bar in Arizona and carry only the highest quality, domestically laboratory-tested products. See our Quality page for information on Sourcing, Safety, and Sustainability.

Used to promote psychological and physiological relaxation there are over 105 strains. In the Pacific islands, like Vanuatu, Fiji, Tonga and Hawaii, kava drinking is an integral part of social and ceremonial occasions. At Lacuna Kava Bar, we have brought this traditional plant medicine into the mainstream social scene with a modern and trendsetting botanical mocktail menu featuring a variety of plant-based wellness drinks and products. Check out our varieties below and make sure to visit our Phoenix or Sedona locations for the full Lacuna experience from one of our fun, friendly, and highly educated kavatenders!



Pouni Ono is an impressively fresh, smooth, and creamy kava resulting from the unique volcanic soil. This kava makes you feel relaxed, happy, and more alert than other kavas. Often described as an energetic happiness, Pouni Ono is uplifting and great for daytime use, or a fun, social night out.


Loa Waka from the island of Taveuni is one of the strongest kavas on the market, contrary to most weaker Fijian kavas. This unique, and strong kava variety has a powerful balance of mind and body relaxation effects, making it our most popular kava any time of day. Smaller servings are calming and lift your mood, larger amounts relax you physically. Freshness, exceptionally high quality, and strong kava is guaranteed!


Borongoru Kava is the perfect drink for stress relief or relaxation. The “heaviest” kava in our shop, Vanuatu is often the preferred choice in the afternoon or evening to wind down. Borongoru is our recommendation to anyone wanting to get a good night’s sleep or deep mind and body relaxation. Our kava is sourced from small Vanuatu island farmers who use GMP and organic practices for quality and freshness.

Tradition meets trendsetting with our new low sugar, healthy Kava Mocktail.  We make the dirt water taste like dessert water!  -Marina, GM Phoenix

Kava shell mocktail
Kava kava all around


There is a proverb that says “Tension is who you think you should be, relaxation is who you really are.” Come relax into your new community. The traditional way to cheers is to say “BULA!” when toasting, to drop in together as generations before have done. Make sure to raise your coconut shell, take a sip, and join the ceremony when you hear “BULA!” at the bar!

Come in for the 6 o’clock Slam for $1 kava shells every day at 6pm, or check out our BOGO Happy Hour Kava Mocktails, Kratom Infusions, and Botanical Elixirs Mon-Fri from 2-4pm!!

Upon drinking kava you will notice an earthy taste and tingling of the lips and mouth, followed by a relaxing happiness within 20-30 minutes. Kava does have a reverse tolerance, so make sure to order a Tsunami if it’s your first time. You may feel the relaxing euphoric effects lasting for 2-3 hours.

*As with any supplement, taking too much can increase the risks of negative side effects. Make sure to drink water to rehydrate between servings. It is recommended not to drink alcohol while drinking Kava as processing both simultaneously puts a strain on the body.


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