Hey Artists… So, your vibe is creative expression and you’d like to display your art with us?

Well, we think local artists are awesome… so, thank you for your interest in bringing your energy and talent to Lacuna Kava Bar!
We are always honored to provide space for our local artist community/ creators to display and exhibit your creative offerings. Simply fill out the Artist Application form below to submit interest in showcasing your creative expression at one of our Lacuna Kava Bar locations. At Lacuna, we love to maximize the mutual value of generating a sustainable relationship with qualified partners/ partnerships in a space where we can all share and expand our gifts, abilities, talents, and offerings within our community.

Complete the form below to submit your interest… (we look forward to hearing from you).



IF SELECTED, one wall PLAQUE for each piece of art displayed will be required with the following:

  • The artist’s name/ (or) IG
  • The title of the work
  • The medium of the work
  • The size of the work
  • The price of the work
  • 1-2 sentence statement on how the art fits the theme of the quarter

IF SELECTED, you will be expected to complete the following recurring quarterly tasks:
(Please note specific dates/ details will be verified and confirmed with you prior via emailed approval/ acceptance letter):

  • First Thursday of the Quarter – New artists place their pieces on the wall
  • First Saturday of the Quarter – COLLECTIVE EXHIBITION OPENING EVENT 7-9pm
  • First Wednesday of the Next Quarter – Artists pick up all unsold pieces
  • First Thursday of EVERY MONTH, artists come into the bar and:
  • If they sell a piece, they are REQUIRED to collect their payments and fill in the blank spots on their designated wall space.
  • If they don’t sell anything, then no action is required (but they can rotate their collection if they want to).
  • Artists are welcome to come in and fill the wall space gaps from their sold pieces throughout the month if they choose.
  • We only do payouts once per month, no exceptions.

By submitting this application, you agree to pay Lacuna a 30% sales commission for any sales of artwork featured at Lacuna. You understand that having effective, complete, quality, marketing material is integral to your success as a partner at Lacuna. You are ultimately responsible for marketing and generating traffic for your art’s success. This fee may be waived under special circumstances discussed with the Event Coordinator prior to the completion of this application.





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